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Collection: Matchboxes

This is just a fraction of a collection of 1960s and 70s matchboxes that we are planning to display. It is interesting that such ephemeral disposable items have survived, although the boxes are empty.

They range from individual match company brands through to boxes of matches produced to advertise businesses and products.

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Collections: Costume Dolls

These are two examples of a large collection of textile costume dolls from the mid 20th century, due to be loaned from The Atkinson, Southport for our Objects of Desire exhibition.

Dolls in national dress were popular tourist collectables throughout the 20th century, produced as gifts for loved ones back home or keep as mementos.

They are less common nowadays, and often examples reflect outdated and harmful stereotypes of indigenous peoples.

Though they depict a romanticised image of the communities these dolls represent, the quality of these examples shine through, bursting with detail and decorative trim, with beautifully painted faces and soft hair.

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Collections: Chocolate Packaging

This small group of chocolate boxes and tins is just beginning to be what you might consider a collection. The majority have been kept for many years, used to store bits and bobs and precious trinkets.

Some of the examples are still in production and have become well-loved classics. Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Drops (now known as Buttons) are a particular favourite of the owner!

The Terry’s Moonlight box were purchased to go with the existing collection as they rekindled fond memories.

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