The Smithy Heritage Centre

The Smithy Heritage Centre is now open for the 2024 season! It is open every weekend until Sunday 15th September, from 1pm to 4pm, and it is free to visit.

Keeping Up Appearances is our stunning new exhibition for 2024.

Despite the hardships of the Second World War, clothes rationing and restrictions, people still felt the need to look good.
This exhibition of original garments, accessories and ephemera from the collection of Pegasus WW2 Displays gives a unique insight into the era. Each item has its own story indicated by repairs, alterations, and the use of unusual materials. We think you might be surprised at how colourful some of the garments are!

You can enjoy a virtual tour of the Smithy and one of our previous exhibitions, Objects of Desire. Click on the image below and you will enter a 3D rendering of the Smithy which you can navigate around by clicking on arrows. Click on the little target symbols to find out more about the objects next to them.

Image of the interior of the Smithy - there is a large display case in the foreground and the walls are lined with tools, with some even hanging from the wooden rafters and beams. There is a very large wheel to the right of the image. The image features little blue and white target symbols on key objects on display

We would like to thank Matt Dodd and The Atkinson for scanning the Smithy and enabling us to access this resource.