More Millbrook Cottages

“Around 1969/1970, my mother needed a new house and those houses were getting knocked down [Millbrook Cottages] and I asked if I could rent one of the houses, so we did it up. There were no houses down the side, only a wall. There was a hole in the roof and the main beam was cracked so I used thick plywood to brace it. The gutters were made of stone, and they were with stone slates on the roof. There was a frame of a window that looked into next door’s house – in the bedroom, because the other side had been the chapel. The two in the middle had been the chapel and the houses on either end had been used by the gardeners.

My mother loved it. Chapel Lane was called Memory Lane. When the cottages were built with the chapel included, it was renamed Chapel Lane. It was owned by Greenall’s. It was later bought by a builder. I’m certain if I hadn’t done something with that house that they’d have been pulled down.” Norman

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