Bombings in Eccleston in World War II

“Do you know the gate to the Carmelite? The first bomb was dropped there – the first bombing raid, there was a bomb dropped there but it didn’t go off. 20 yards into the gate. There was another one in the brook. There was another bomb dropped on Yates Avenue. We were all in school, so they kept us in the school because it was unexploded and they were going to set it off at twelve o’clock. So we all waited and then went round, and there was a hole, but we couldn’t find any shrapnel.

What they used to do, when they’d bombed over Liverpool and they had any bombs left, they used to follow the railway and they’d come and drop them over Pilkingtons. The timber yard was set on fire. And over Triplex. Doulton Street was full of incendiary bombs.

One day an oil bomb was dropped, and it demolished one of the hedges on Longborough Farm, off Catchdale Moss Road.” Norman

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